I know....I know.... -sigh-

I haven't disappeared! I've just had a whole bunch of changes in the past few months and it has taken a lot more time to adjust than I had hoped. I've been sewing but been extremely unmotivated in finishing or documenting. I'll have a random burst of energy but it's short lived. Booooo.

On the bright side, things are improving, little man is doing GREAT! He's talking so much more and he's SO funny! He has a excema that is triggered by apples. So he knows that he can't have anything apple related. Everyday I ask him how school was, what did he do, what was for lunch? And everyday he says with an adorable smile PIIIIIIINEAPPLE! I always pretend to be shocked or ask "WAIT a minute! Can little man eat apple??" and he replies "Nooooooo apples noooooo" very sing songy. He's a natural jokester. :)

I'll be back. I've got sewing needs and I have to eek (?) out time for myself to get my creativity back in the groove.