'ere go!

As my son loves to say " 'ere go mama!" I'm finally taking the plunge with this blog. This is my first official post and hope that there are many more to come.

I have been teaching myself to sew for a few months now and it's been pretty good so far. I started off with my stepmoms' sewing machine and once the husband saw I was learning fairly quickly, he surprised me with my own. Gotta love that man! We have also recently converted part of our home into an office/craft area for us.

Frankly, eating around piles of fabric at dinner time was not cutting it ha!

I am very new to sewing, so my plan is to see how well I can follow tutorials I find around the web that I am inspired by and show you what I come up with, whether it's an exact replica or has an NTI twist to it ;)

I do NOT plan to sell anything I replicate from a tutorial unless the original creator has allowed it. No means no, and it's not cool to rip someone else's idea off. Give credit where credit is due I say.

If and that's a BIG IF (heehee) I ever get good enough to sell anything it'll be my own original creation or with permission. At this point I can't even imagine anyone paying me for anything I've made so far.

Anyway, I want this to be fun, so Enjoy!


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