Superhero Cape TADA!

This is the tutorial that started all of the sewing madness. Now that little man is a toddler I am anxious to make things for him that are unique and not store bought, because let's face it, that stuff is ridiculously overpriced!

When I came across the Toddler Superhero Cape, I couldn't resist. :) Isn't it so precious?

I got all of my supplies:

1 yard of red cotton fabric
1 yard of black cotton fabric
1 felt sheet of each black & red
2 felt sheets of yellow
Heat n Bond

and got to work. Not bad eh? Here is the little man himself modeling his newest toy

Batman Superman

Sorry for the fuzzy cell phone photos, I didn't think to use a regular camera.

I also made 3 more. One a wee bit shorter for an 18 mth old cousin, and two that would fit my 4 year old twin nephews as gifts. I made the necks wider and the length much longer for those two.

For my first sewing endeavor I think they turned out pretty good.


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  1. Hey Becky! Just popping over from my blog! I saw you commented on the Stuffed Cressant bake and headed her to check your blog out and saw this post. I just did a similar No-Sew version that is going to be printed in a local parenting magazine. Thought you may want to peek.
    Also there is an awesome company in our town that makes capes like yours, for kids staying in the hospital! They need super powers! I Love Wonder Capes! :)