Gathered Clutch - Success!

I absolutely adore this bag! Anna's tutorial for her Gathered Clutch over at Noodleheads is so clear and easy to follow, I think I'm in love!

Ok, so I went a little crazy and made six of these babies, yes SIX! The first was a gift to my sister, she bought the fabric for me, and I decided it would make a cute thank you gift :)

I learned very quickly where I messed up which was very simple to fix the second time around. I had sewn into the zipper cover on the right side, so unfortunately that end didn't pop out the way it should have, but over all, I'm happy with it. I also used fleece interfacing on the outer fabric. I think the soft cushiness gives it a makeup bag kind of feel.

The halfway thru shot, since I forgot to take an after of the inside.

My first clutch! Woohoo! Yipee! I'm so proud, don't mind me.

This is the second clutch that I made, fabric picked and made for my daughter. As you can see, it has plenty of room for all her gadgets.

This Barbie fabric had me at hello! I love it's sophisticated elegance for the young at heart. I made two of these, one for my niece and the second for a friends birthday who has a minor shoe addiction. ;)

This last one I made for another niece and yet another friend. (We all have our birthday within days of each other). I really like this fabric. I had plans to make myself a skirt or maxi dress, since it's a bottom printed fabric, BUT since I bought 10 yards at $2/yd, well, I figured I had some to spare.

The pictures are awful, sorry about that. Cell phone pics do not do them justice! But my battery was not charged on my camera and I couldn't wait a minute longer to post these. I might think twice next time...MIGHT, ha!


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