I hope everyone had a great Halloween! Little Man got to wear his costume THREE times this year. Ahhh, the perks of preschool :) The school had it's Fourth Annual Fall Festival and they had all sorts of games and fun things for the kids to do. We went for a bit and hopefully it's something we get to do every year that Little Man attends this school.

The friday before Halloween they had their class room party and we were responsible for cookies. I wanted to do something fun and different, and had come across this how to at HowDoesShe.com well, I just had to try it!

So first off, I had to pop off one side of the cookie, and LUCKILY, most came off easily. Those that broke, well, Little Man was more than willing to gobble those up. :)

I used white almond bark, for the mummies, which you can find at any grocery store and candy melts for the orange sprinkly ones. Originally I was going to draw spiders on them and sprinkle the bodies but the edible markers I found wouldn't mark on them. I suppose it works better on cookie icings, who knows, the label didn't say. ANYWAY, you dip your lollipop stick (I bought mine at Michaels) into the melted bark and gently press it into the creme and then GENTLY press the cookie top back on. You sort of have to do this quickly because the bark cools quickly or then you'll have to do it again because then the top won't stay on.

I popped those in the fridge for a few minutes to speed things along.

Checked my facebook....farm is okay....okay, time to dip!

I know that I won't be using the candy melts again. I knew better too, I had tried them on some cake pops once and one, they are way sweet, and two, hard to manipulate. But since I fail horribly at tinting the white bark, I decided to go with it. I had to smear, then spread, then smooth, then spread again blah blah blah. You get the idea. :) But they sure do look pretty don't they?

The mummies were much easier and smoother. The bark was so silky the cookies were covered in no time. I did worry that the cookies would leave bits in the bark, but nah, once they were dipped they were covered. I didn't find the black candy melts the site suggests, so I used chocolate chip. I squished them between my fingers a bit to flatten them, then dipped the pointed (now squished side) into some melted bark, and then place them on my mummies. So then I scooped my bark into a little ziploc, pushed all of the air out and then slid it all to one end so that I could snip off a corner to make my lines. Holding the snipped end with your thumb or up in the air, you twist your bag so that you have is nice little cone shape. (Sorry, no pics)

Warning! Depending on how hot you have it this could burn you. I've used bark so many times, it doesn't phase me, but I would suggest baking gloves. It'll be bulky, but you'll protect those fingers!

I did my zig zag lines quick and dirty, as you can see :)

Pop those in the fridge, but DON'T leave over night or for an extended time. They will start to sweat and that's not good. I did it for only a few minutes.

Wrap it up! Tie with a fun ribbon and share!

I see you.



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